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Weddings are back in full swing!!
I met with three of my couples yesterday for ceremony planning ahead of their upcoming nuptials ☺️🥰

It’s a CRAZY busy few months ahead, but I’m just so incredibly happy being back doing what I lurveeeee! ✨

✍🏻Nick and his beloved girl Marley 😅🐶
** Note: Nick is actually marrying a beautiful human named Estelle, not Marley.

Mr & Mrs Ciccarella ✨

The kindest of words from a lifelong friend of mine ….. 😭🙏❤️

“ The ceremony that Kirby delivered at our wedding was the most special part of our whole day. She took such great care in learning and telling our story, even family members commented that they learnt a few things about us that they didn't know before!
The process leading up to the wedding was so easy and fun, you can tell Kirby simply loves doing what she does and wants her couples to have the most beautiful, memorable ceremony. Our guests were so impressed with how relaxed, fun, funny and beautiful the ceremony was. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kirby to anyone, it will be the best decision you could possibly make when it comes to your wedding! “

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A little shoutout to my darling husband 🥰
Whilst I’m away ‘working’ this weekend, he’s at home looking after our little Ivy Isobel 🤍

I’m so fortunate to do what I do for work, it truly is my dream job ✨
But like all parents out there, the juggle is reaaaaal- I feel you! It may look all glam on ‘the instas’ - but there’s so much behind the scenes work before and after the wedding day, trust me. There’s a lot of late nights. Especially after the c-word (covid) came into play… it’s been tough.

It simply wouldn’t be possible for me to marry all my super gorgeous couples each weekend - without this guy cheering me on in the background, taking care of me, making me a coffee every morning, asking how my spreadsheets are going & if I need help with them (yes!), doing our laundry -pretty much daily, filling up my petrol when I’m low, carrying my PA system to the car, making sure my iPad is plugged in charging the night before ceremony music yep… the list goes on, he’s a bloody dream. I know, sorry, I’m bragging.

If only he’d proactively offer up a foot massage every now and then… but no ones perfect I guess.

Craig, as per my wedding vows I wrote to you over 4 years ago now…. “I promise to say ‘ I love you’ 5 times before we go to sleep each night , because saying it only once doesn’t even come close to showing you how I truly feel”…

I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you

Gosh, I love being there in front row seats to witness my couples in lurveeeeee on their wedding day. I always feel the feels… so emotional.

It often makes me reflect on my own ‘lovestory’ & gee whiz I’m grateful…

My husband ✨

Pre-ceremony hugs with the stunningly beautiful Rach 🤗💫🤍

“ Hi Kirby,
Our photos have come through so just wanted to share a few with you!

Was literally beaming going through these - everyone looks SO happy!!
I know Kale sent you an email just after the wedding thanking you on behalf of both of us, but I also just wanted to sincerely thank you again for everything!

It was the ceremony of my dreams, and there is absolutely nothing I would go back and change! It was fun, light hearted but also emotional and romantic, so thank you for your guidance!
We had such amazing feedback from our guests and everyone loved the Bridal Party intro’s. So unique and personable!
Just want to do it all over again <3
Rach xxx “

📸 @louloumemphis
Venue: @coombeyarravalley
Video: @heartly.films
Flowers: @sugarbeeflowers
Celebrant: @celebrantkirbysteele

J & R ✨
‘All you need is love’ – Sir James Paul McCartney

📸 @elkandwillow

Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary Lovers
✨✨Jacquii & Courtney ✨✨

Last night, I married the gorgeous
Jordan & Ryland ✨✨
This photo is just magic 😭

📸 @elkandwillow

The Newlyweds 🤍
“ Hi Kirby,
Words cannot describe how grateful we are to have had you on our journey!
I don’t think there’s anyone in the world who would’ve captured our relationship and put it in to words so perfectly.
We felt so comfortable by your side in front of everyone.
There is nothing that I can say that will thank you enough for what you have done for us.
I’m so SO sad we don’t get to spend more time with you.
I’ll make sure all of our friends have your number for when the boys finally pull their fingers out..
Thank you for EVERYTHING you have done and so much more. “

😭😭😭😭 Thank-you times a bazillion for your beautiful message Lys - you beautiful human x

📸 @keonijoyphotography ❤️

The most beautiful couple 😍😭
And the super lovely words from the Groom:
“Hi Kirby!
I know its been said a lot but it’s never enough. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
You did such an incredible job of supporting us though this journey and describing our relationship perfectly.

Almost everyone I have spoken to about the wedding spoke about how lovely and awesome you were!
We were extremely lucky to have you involved in our special day and we can’t wait to see you for hopefully many more of our friends weddings in the future.

The new lucky husband “


Nanrya & Doug 🤍 7 March 2021

Sensational styling, signage & florals by @thenaturalore 🙌🏼 cannot wait to see the profesh pics - such a beautiful couple!

Venue: @thepanamadiningroom
Photo & Video: @tone_image_melb
DJ (Jay) - therefore D-Jay 😉@immacweddings

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Copeland 🤍
What a wedding 💫