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Spectacular views & a spectacular night!

Last night I married my beautiful cousin…….
and her husband 😉❤️‍🔥

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Lockett ✨

I can’t wait to share more of this special one! ✨Mr & Mrs Lockett ✨

❤️‍🔥25 Feb 2023 ❤️‍🔥

Clare & Tom✨
〰️24 Feb 2023

“Thank you so so much for marrying us Kirby!
You executed it so beautifully & everyone was complimenting us on the ceremony afterwards. You did a brilliant job. It was everything I envisioned!🥰💕💕”

Leah & Scott ✨ 19.02.2022 ✨
Happy Anniversary Lovers x

Introducing our little scrumptious newborn, Ted Harvey Steele 🧸 (6 days old) ✨

Just a reminder to my gorge couples that I’m a little slower to respond to emails at the moment as I’m focusing on snuggles & family time 🤍

If you have any questions or need anything at all, please don’t hesitate to send me an email (rather than DMs) as its much easier to keep track of:

** New Enquiries **
Please note: I’m now fully booked for 2022 & only taking new bookings for 2023 & 2024. Key dates are going quick!

** My 2022 couples **
Please keep working on those Couple Questionnaires for me! Once complete, please send through via email (word doc) for me to get started on drafting your ceremony script! ☺️👏🏻✨
Looking forward to catching with you all for ceremony planning meetings in Aug/Sep onwards (which I hold at my local wine bar, cafe or via Zoom 💻📱🍷☕️)

** My 2023/2024 couples **
I’ll be in touch towards the end of the year with more next steps emails and coordinating times/dates to meet for our ceremony planning meeting 🍷☕️📱💻.

Lastly, thanks for all the messages of love & kind words! Its been an incredibly special week for my little fam.

I’m feeling all the feels - how good is life?! ✨

Kirby x

Happy THIRD wedding anniversary Jacquii & Courtney! 🤍🤍🤍
What an incredibly special day this was ✨

**** REVIEW****
“Wow is all I can say.
Kirby honestly made our wedding the day that it was. We couldn’t have done it without her!!! Not only is she the nicest, most calm & kind soul. She is amazing at her job- fabulous all round. Organised, efficient and experienced!
It was truly a blessing to have her there on the day with us, all my nerves vanished and she took the reigns! I felt like during the ceremony it was just my husband, Kirby and I.

10/10 would reccommend!!!!
Xxxx “

The beautiful Nicola & Eric, leaving a lovely little surprise review on my FB page and making me feel all the feels this morning 😭✨
It means the world to me that you had the best day ever, truly.. that’s the ultimate goal each and every time 🤍
Thank-you so so much guys for taking the time to leave this review, I appreciate it so very much xo

That magical light ✨
I could stare at these sneak peek photos allllll day, aren’t they just spectacular?!

Photographer: @gingerandmint
Location: @jackalopehotels
Celebrant: @celebrantkirbysteele
Florals: @jolaverflowers

Mr & Mrs Zajac, our amazingly loved up and beautiful best friends! ✨
On 31.12.21, these two lovebirds were (finally) married at the spectacular Mitchelton Wines- bringing in the NEW YEAR as Husband & Wife!

Although, the day prior to their wedding, my Husband (Best Man) tested positive to c*vid on a 'precautionary' RA test before heading up to Nagambie. Meaning myself and my husband Craig were immediately sent into 7 days of isolation. (F*CK).

So.. on the 30th, I scrambled and instantly began making calls in crisis management mode locking in a new (super lovely and talented) Celebrant for the couple last minute. I transferred all the paperwork and legal documentation accordingly so everything was seamless for the ceremony side of things. The wonderful Kate read my script beautifully and was incredibly supportive to the couple - which I'm ever so grateful for.

Once that was sorted, my 2 year old Ivy and I quickly packed our bags and moved out to out to avoid any potential exposure (as I'm currently pregnant, which provoked even more anxiety in this devastatingly difficult situation).
Ivy has since been asking for her Dad and saying she misses him 2,386 per day which is so effing hard. It's the longest time Craig and I have spent apart from one another in over 9 years.

Anyway.. I'm babbling a little with this post, as I'm still super emotional and heartbroken to have missed our best friends special day - but none the less, we (and some more of their besties) watched on via Zoom all night, we all laughed, cried and loved every moment! But most importantly, Nick and Estelle had an INCREDIBLY special day and that's all we had ever wished for... their smiles said it all. Even via Zoom.. the love in the room could still be felt in spades.

To all my future couples, if you are feeling (understandably) anxious about upcoming wedding dates.
Please take this BEAUTIFUL photo of Estelle and Nick as inspiration...
If your wedding looks a little different to what you had originally planned.. just remember all you need in the end is each other ❤️

Wishing all my beautiful (past & future) couples a very Happy New Year✨

It’s going to be a crazy busy wedding season in 2022 for all of your wedding vendors, as we are still madly playing catchup cramming almost 2 years of postponements into this coming year, but my gosh it’s amazing to be back in full swing marrying peeps & celebrating lurrrve again!! 🤍

On a personal note, I have 25 super spesh weddings booked from Jan-April’22 & during these next 4 months- I’ll be bringing a little plus one along with me, as I’m currently growing a human, a little brother for Ivy✨👶🏼

Thank-you so much to each and every one of you for allowing me to play a small part on your special day, it honestly means the world to me to be able to truly love what I do. I hold each & every one of my couples with me in my heart always. I have the BEST ‘job’ in the world.

HNY lovers 🤍🤍

Love Kirby x

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